Unicorn Haflinger For Sale

I can’t believe I am writing this…..but Akira is up for sale. I know we shouldn’t sell her. She is a true once in a lifetime unicorn. I wish we could keep her, but Kelsey is off to Arizona for college , and I have my hands full being a mom and taking care of my horse Dino. So with tears in my eyes, I will write everything I know about this fabulous little horse. Maybe one of you knows someone looking for a jumper/eventer that is also a confidence builder or maybe you know someone looking for a future FEI dressage pony. I would LOVE to see her go to someone I know. She is just too special.

Akira’s Info

  • Registered Haflinger (Excellent bloodlines: Her great-grandfather is Aristocrat TOF. They made a Breyer Horse model of him). Registered name is Princes Noble
  • 9 years old ( just turned 9 in April)
  • 14.1 Hands
  • Incredibly athletic. Has jumped up to 4′ (up to 3’9″ with junior rider).
  • Perfect jumping form: This horse knows how to jump from any spot and get her knees up and out of the way.
  • Confidently jumps a variety of obstacles including up and down banks and ditches. Schooled all the BN fences at Copper Meadows.
  • Confirmed flying changes
  • Super easy keeper
  • Beautiful Mover
  • Excellent Confirmation
  • Sweet, Sweet, Sweet mare (very people oriented and just wants to hang out with you all day). Definitely not mare-ish. When she comes in season, she actually gets more cuddly.
  • Excellent on trail (alone or in groups)
  • Clips, ties, and trailers like a dream
  • Loves water and will cross anything
  • Trained and shown in Dressage, Jumpers, Hunter under Saddle, and Cross Country
  • Can go barefoot all around and even Evented barefoot
  • Akira is strong and big bodied enough for an adult to feel comfortable on her (I am 5’9″ and ride her). She is also sweet enough for young/green riders.
  • Stunning and Incredibly photogenic, Akira has had an art exhibit around her images taken by a famous photographer
  • In your pocket , incredibly loving mare that bonds with her owner and wants to take care of you.
  • Gets along with other horses
  • Very Brave Horse. If something does scare her, she usually just stands still
  • Mane down to her legs. Tail to the ground. Simply stunning.
  • Always at the gate and happy to see you.
  • This is the perfect horse for someone to learn jumping or eventing on. She has a solid foundation and is ready to move up the levels now. You could also train her up the levels in dressage and take her to the National Dressage Pony Cup in Kentucky. I have no doubt she can make it to the FEI level. Super easy to sit her big trot too!

Akira’s accomplishments

  • Copper Meadows Eventing Year End Champion 2018 with junior rider
  • Multiple wins at Copper Meadows Eventing Elementary level with junior rider.
  • Shown dressage up to First level. Scores up to low 70’s with junior rider. Always in the top ribbons.
  • Has shown Hunter under Saddle with a very young, absolute beginner as well and was calm, sweet and always in the top ribbons.

Akira’s Special Talents

  • Akira can say the word “banana”
  • Excellent Swimmer
  • Akira will squeak like a dolphin when she is really happy or proud of herself (never heard a horse vocalize like this in the 40 years I have worked with them!)
  • Knows the Spanish Walk
  • Can smile and give kisses on command

I am sure there is so much more to this little mare than I am mentioning. If she was a full sized horse, she would be worth $30K or more. So, if you are on the smaller side, this is your chance to get an amazing horse for a lot less money. I really can’t say enough good things about her. I originally purchased her because of her athleticism and personality. She did not disappoint. This horse will give you a confidence boost and be your best friend at the same time. She deserves a home that will cherish her and treat her like the super special little mare that she is. $14,250

Contact via Email: kimyin1@yahoo.com

UPDATE: Just couldn’t do it! I cancelled all showings. Going to keep this little girl….

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10 thoughts on “Unicorn Haflinger For Sale

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    1. Thx for your interest! I talked to your trainer Sarahbell last night and since she has multiple clients interested, all of the communications are going directly though her. I did send her some short video clips of Akira schooling at Copper Meadows. She can share them with you. Thx again!

  1. Omg, I cannot believe you’re selling your beautiful Akira! Seriously, she’d be a strong consideration if I had some extra cash and the confidence that my new business will bring in lost of money.

    She’s an amazing horse and I truly hope she finds a wonderful little girl to give her the love and attention she’s use to.

    Hope all is going well, April

    Have a wonderful day, April


    1. I did think of you….just because Akira is such a sweet horse. I am confident she would take care of you, but two horses is too many! …… Plus, Akira deserves to be someone’s #1 (and so does Knight). She is just too special.

    1. I haven’t shot a sale video yet, but I have a couple short raw video clips I can send. Can be suitable for an advanced beginner from the standpoint that Akira will take care of a beginner. To tap into all the amazing things Akira can do, you’ll want to have her under the supervision of a trainer. I did just let a beginner take her to a show with her trainer. They placed at the top of their HUS classes, and I heard Akira was a sweetheart. Let me know a bit about what you would want to use Akira for, what the rider’s skills are, if she will be in a program and what kind, etc and I can give you a better assessment. Also, if you give me your cell number, I will send over some short jumping clips.

  2. Did you tell Mikey Harchol about her she might know someone she is the trainer where you board Dino at.

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