It’s Me or The Horse!

I can’t believe it has come to this, but I must make a choice.

Most of you know Dino has some allergies. The allergies that I was initially most concerned with are the tree allergies as he was stabled under the very trees he is allergic to. But, some other allergies showed up on his allergy test.

It turns out Dino is allergic to certain types of hay. For my non-horse friends, there are 4 main varieties of hay readily available in California. They are alfalfa-a legume hay and 3 types of grass hays- Bermuda, Orchard and Timothy. Turns out that Dino is allergic to 2 of the grass hays, Bermuda and Orchard. It is generally accepted that Alfalfa is too high in protein and calcium to be the sole feed for a horse, so most horse owners mix alfalfa and a grass hay.

On the surface, Dino’s allergies are not a problem at all. He can live on a mix of alfalfa and Timothy hay. In fact, Dino LOVES both types of hay. Of course, life just isn’t that easy, and here is where the tough part comes in…..

As it turns out, I am allergic to Timothy hay! I am covered in hives as I write this. It feels like I have been attacked by thousands of mosquitoes! It is spreading too. I have tried to take precautions, but it just keeps getting worse. I can’t be anywhere near the stuff much less be the one who feeds Dino his Timothy hay lunch.

So who is going to end up suffering…. Me or the horse? What would you do? Help a girl out here. Make the decision for me!

4 thoughts on “It’s Me or The Horse!

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  1. I’d pay the help to serve his Timothy at lunch. You’re off the hook. Bake them some cookies or work out a payment arrangement.

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