A Year of Ups and Downs

Well the good news is that Dino was year-end dressage champion again for 2018, showing at 2nd level. The bad news is we seem to be having a few little speed bumps

Dino had a fantastic year right up until October. He was hit hard with allergies. I couldn’t figure it out but thought it would be best to change stables as there were a lot of trees and brush by his stall. The barn was on a preserve, which is a fancy way of saying everything and anything can grow unencumbered. You could literally see pollen floating through the air some days!

The new barn proved to be what Dino needed. Most of his allergy symptoms decreased within weeks of arriving. No meds needed.

I had the allergy tests done anyway and guess what? Dino is allergic to Maple and Sycamore trees….. The very trees that shaded his old stall. The leaves would fall into his pen offering a nice afternoon snack. No wonder he had allergies. He was living right underneath a tree he was allergic to! Well, at least I know now. Poor guy.

Of course life isn’t so simple as just staying at the new barn where Dino doesn’t have to live under his biggest allergy offender. That would be too easy. That barn just announced its closure. We have 2 more weeks to be off the property… And there were about 80 horses on this ranch just 30 days ago. It’s a hard hit for the local horse community. So many horses trying to find homes….

So, we are on the road again. 2019 will be an interesting year. Hopefully with a few less ups and downs… Even if it hasn’t started out that way. Fingers crossed!

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