Some People Say Horses Aren’t So Smart…..

What does this mean???
What does this mean???

I hear comments about horses not being very smart all the time. But I think they just might be wickedly smart. They may even have a keen sense of humor. You just have to pay attention.

Take Dino, for instance. Now I admit that Dino hadn’t been as “active” as a 3 year old horse should be. It had been incredibly hot, so he had mostly just been getting turned out. That’s when “this” started. 3 times in one week, my giant dinosaur of a horse used his automatic waterer for a toilet. This is no accident either. Dino’s normal “relief station” is at the very other end of his paddock. This is an intentional message. A plea for attention. When the weather cooled, and Dino was back to his normal exercise routine, this nighttime activity ceased. Yep, Dino, I got the message loud and clear (although I really fail to see the humor in this). I just wish you would communicate in a way that was a bit easier to clean up!

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