Free Jump Training – Step 1

My previous horse Tucson was trained to jump entire courses of up to 8 jumps without a rider. Wiley is going to attempt to learn the same trick. It starts out simple with training the horse to walk over a pole or cavalleti on the command “jump.” In the first video, it is is clear that Wiley is getting the idea behind the command.

I love the next video because Wiley makes a mistake. While I am setting up my camera, he starts walking away. He is about to go around the jump when he stops to think about it for a moment. That’s when I give him the “jump” command. He has to back up and realign himself with the jump. He successfully completes the task. This shows me that he is starting to get the hang of this and is ready to add a second jump.

2 thoughts on “Free Jump Training – Step 1

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  1. THIS – IS – AWESOME!!! I have never thought of doing this at all, and I think Surf has the personality for it…WOW!!!

    I had actually researched a place to do free jumping via a jumping chute: Blue Fox Farms in Escondido. I have just been a bit uncomfortable pursuing this to date because Surf looks so immature. Maybe next year (2014). She’ll be four, and hopefully no longer look like a giant yearling!

    1. THX! You should definitely try this with Surf.It is a good way to get them interested in jumping and have a positive association with it. My guess is that Surf will be much more coordinated than Wiley – he’s ALL legs!!!

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