Caution: Baby Dinosaur Under Saddle!

For those of you that asked….Here’s the Video of Wiley learning to be a real horse!

I was working on Wiley’s upward transitions in the video (both walk and trot). I am using the voice commands that Wiley already knows from ground school to help transition him to tactile leg aids under saddle. You can hear me click after the first couple of transitions to tell Wiley he is on the right path. Wiley was super good. You can probably hear the tractor in the video. It was dumping garbage into the dumpster. It didn’t bother Wiley a bit. There were also 2 workers with string trimmers whacking the weeds. Wiley looked a few times, but it didn’t bother him too much. I guess when you are a dinosaur, nothing much bothers you!

You will also notice that Wiley is throwing his shoulder in at the trot. Since this lesson is about transitions and learning to carry a rider at the trot, I am purposely ignoring the shoulder. When Wiley is more comfortable with the forward aids, I will go back and add lateral controls. He already knows them. I just need to translate the ground school aids to leg aids. I skip the lateral aids in the beginning so that the lesson is really obvious.

Also notice that Wiley can already perform a basic back up. That is something that needs no translation from ground school to under saddle. Wiley’s ground school lessons have paid off nicely.

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