Rain and mud can only mean one thing….

That’s right. It is time for trick training!  

Pony is the perfect size and personality for training tricks. He is like a giant, mellow puppy dog with hooves. He loves the training too. Not much energy expended. Lots of treats. Yeah, that is the perfect formula for pony!

It took only 20 minutes spread over 2 days to teach pony to stand on his hind legs and shape it into something that looks a little hi-ho silver-ish. I think he likes to try and look fierce. It is the exact opposite of his personality. 

I won’t put this move on Dino for a few years. I need to be relatively certain I can put the trick on stimulus control quickly.  Let’s just say Dino might not be there yet, but he is only 3 and still super playful. Dino got to work on his more practical “tricks” like haunches in and side pass. 

Don’t waste those muddy days on hand walking. Trick training is much more fun for the horse and the human!

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