Dino’s First Show-And He Read the Wrong Test…

At 4 years old, Dino was ready to stick his Clydesdale-sized hoof into the world of showing…..but I think he was reading from the wrong test. Some excerpts from the tests are below:

Training Level 1 : Enter Working Trot, Halt, salute. Proceed working trot, Track Left

Dino performed the very common but non-sanctioned version: Enter Working Trot, Halt, salute, Proceed working trot. Spook at Judge. Track Left early or be prepared for a spin and bolt.

Judge’s Comments: Slightly Inattentive 7

Me: Seriously…a 7 for that? Wow, that was a gift!


Training Level 1 Test: Circle right 20 meters

Dino’s Version: Controlled bolt 20 meters

Judge’s comment: Prompt and Accurate

Me: Yeah, I guess by definition a BOLT IS PROMPT. Feeling pretty good it was actually accurate too 🙂


Training Level 1 :C-M-B Working Canter. Between B&F Working Trot

Dino’s Version: Huh? Did you see the pretty warmblood mare outside the arena?

Judge’s Comments: Came off rail. Prompt Transition 7.5

Me: Oops…I never could perform a one rein stop perfectly straight….but at least it was prompt! I win 😉

Training Level 2: Circle 20 meter allowing horse to stretch forward and down

Dino’s Version: Quadrangle 20 meters allowing horse to stretch forward and down

Judge’s Comments: Good stretch. Irregular O

Me: Yep, I took Geometry too. That was definitely not an O

When it was all said and done, Dino performed exactly how i thought he might. He was completely inattentive during his first class. He was THAT horse… You know the one that is screaming to the mares hoping to catch a date when the show is over.

The second test went much better. I spent almost the entire time between classes just walking him in the warm up arena. Worked like a charm. He was solidly OK during his second test (except for the quadrangle of course). I was actually just going for OK. I didn’t want to push too hard and have Dino blow up on me. One big step at a time.

The best part about the show is that after Dino calmed down, nothing really bugged him. There were horses flipping out right and left at this show. It was the most un-dressage like show I have ever been to. It must have been the foggy, cool weather. Horses were rearing, bucking and bolting right and left. Dino took it all in stride. He has the potential to be a really nice show horse…..so happy!

Oh and if you are wondering what kind of ribbons my little 4-year-old Dinosaur got at his very first show….. both Blues. Today a solidly average performance was good enough to beat out the competition. He scored a 73 and a 74.

Dino first show ribbons




4 thoughts on “Dino’s First Show-And He Read the Wrong Test…

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  1. Megan and I had a rough day yesterday – our first Western dressage show, and my alarm didn’t go off. I barely got there in time to be in the competition! And of course Megan was sky-high due to my tension. Ugh. Last place. But a good experience! Gail


  2. Very impressive! Happy for you both! If he can do THIS now, there’s no stopping you a year from now. What a good boy – and he looks pretty sweet there in the pictures too 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words! You never know what tomorrow brings, so I am going to try and enjoy the simple every day work with Dino. I do think he has potential, but I will be happy with wherever we end up. Dino is a very special guy 🙂

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