Dinosaurs Grow Up Fast!

All Dino’s ribbons from his first year of showing

Dino just turned 6 years old. Where did the time go? It seems like I have had him for about 2 years. In reality, it has been 4! Yikes. He has grown up to be a pretty good little dinosaur and a gentle giant for sure. His finished stats are:

Height: Just under 17.2

Weight: About 1200 pounds

Shoe Size: 3 (He has pretty big front feet!)

Favorite Food: Alfalfa (in hay form only not pellets) and apples (which is funny because he wouldn’t even eat apples when I first got him). Oh and for some reason he LOVES anything Kelsey is eating!

Likes: Hanging out with his friends (especially his girlfriend Akira), taking slow walks around the barn, and performing tricks for treats.

Dislikes: Exerting too much energy (dinosaurs aren’t known for their speed), and staying in his stall too long (he needs to roam!)

Accomplishments:  Dino started showing exactly 1 year ago. He started at Training level Dressage and progressed to Second level all during his first year of showing.  He also won Reserve Champion Horse of the Year for PVRA Dressage. Looking back over his first show year, I realized Dino never placed lower than a second in any class.

This Year’s Plan: Who knows? I keep toying with the idea of jumping him. He has fabulous rhythm to and from the jumps. He seems unfazed by jumping too ….but he has only jumped tiny jumps so far. My biggest challenge is probably that I am too lazy to set and take down jumps every time I want to jump. But I have to say…. after watching Kelsey and Akira do Eventing, I have been thinking about it a lot!

Dino warming up for yesterday’s show.

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  1. You’re doing awesome with him Kim! Glad to see all your posts about Dino, you, Kelsey, and Akira!

  2. Dino and Akira are amazing horses and their humans aren’t bad either! Lol! While not as exciting as killing it in the show ring or jumping like no other, u forgot to mention about Akira and Dino’s accomplishments! Akira is a natural, but trail is a scary place for a baby dinosaur! DANGER EVERYWHERE!! Yet, he moves down the trail like a pro!

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