Dinosaurs Can Do Dressage

2017 PVRA Dressage Champion

Looks like a certain Dinosaur is on his way to becoming a real dressage dinosaur! We ended the year at second level. Dino is doing great. My back, however, is not holding up so well. All that sitting trot isn’t helping matters….so I guess it is me that is slowing down the little dinosaur’s progress. Ooops. His training is coming along great though. He is schooling half pass at all gaits, can passage, has solid flying changes, is starting schooling 4 tempis, and has one phenomenal trot. Hope we can put it all together and keep me sound enough so I don’t hold him back too much. He sure is a blast to ride!


2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs Can Do Dressage

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  1. Wow, that is awesome Kim! Hope you can get healthy and ride him up the levels.
    When my back was bad (bulging disk) it took a year and a half to get back to running and riding. Longer than that to ride well. Hope you can find out what is going on and get fixed!
    He is very handsome!

    1. The back thing just stinks. I have been “working” on fixing it for years. No one seems to know the cause or how to fix it tho. I keep searching…. Glad you figured yours out. It gives me hope!

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