Training Shoulder-In at Liberty

After all of the ground work Wiley has been doing at liberty (turn on the haunches, turn on the forehand, side pass, etc), performing a shoulder in at liberty was straight forward. I took this video on day 2 of his training. I exaggerated the movement so it is easy to see on the video (he is clearly on 4 tracks and bordering on leg yield), and I am still working on controlling lateral movement. The video is a combination of 3 uncut videos, so you can see the work in progress along with some good steps.

To help Wiley understand what I was asking, I used a target for him to follow. Wiley is trained to touch his nose to the target. Since Wiley is already trained to move away from the driving whip, I used it to shape where his hind end needed to go. In essence, his nose follows the target and his hind end stays with the whip.

In a few more months, Wiley will be 3 and I can start lightly riding him. I really want to get all of this foundation training complete so I can transfer it to under saddle work. It makes that stage of training so much easier and less stressful. I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “Training Shoulder-In at Liberty

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    1. Wiley is a pretty smart guy, but he is young and still has a hard time paying attention for long. Nothing I am doing is particularly difficult. It just takes time. Since Wiley isn’t old enough to ride yet, what else am I going to do with him? I’ve got plenty of time 🙂

  1. This is so cool Kim! I’m loving what you are doing with Wiley. Hopefully I will get to do this kind of training one day, but at least I’m able to ride regularly!

    1. Thx Tracy. Wiley is a pretty fun horse. Can’t wait to start really riding him! I only have the pony to ride now, and while he is fun, it just isn’t the same as riding a horse with a lot of suspension and a big power trot :-).

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