Dino is Trail AND Kid Friendly

Kels cantering Dino
Kels &  Dino

I always hoped that one day Kelsey could ride Tucson (my previous horse), I figured when he was in his 20’s and she was in her early teens, he would calm down enough for a kid to ride him. Well, he never did get “kid friendly.” So, that dream probably never was going to come true. That is why I am so happy to see that Dino (Wiley) is already kid friendly, and he is only 3!  Kels can walk, trot and canter him without any issues. I’m not sure who I am more proud of…Kels or Dino, but the two of them make me very happy. They look so relaxed together.

Dino also completed his first under-saddle trail ride. It was my goal to get him on the trails this summer, and I kind of blew it. But, I got it done in the fall! He went out with Master horse trainer Coltin (seriously the best trail horse ever). Amy rode Coltin on the tails with Dino and me. Dino led almost the entire trail. He was so good. Bikes, joggers and other horses passed by and he was fine. I guess nothing truly frightens a dinosaur! He actually seemed so happy to get out and explore this big world! He did have a couple of good looks and some small spook in place moments, but only once did Coltin need to lead. That was when we were under the bridge and in the creek. Probably the most frightening place a horse could go. Dino led us into the water, but then saw a couple of shiny wet rocks peeking out of the water and just tried to turn back, but Coltin passed him and all was well! He really is a good little dinosaur!

Dino hits the trails
Dino hits the trails

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