Dinosaurs Need to Roam!

Now that Baby Dino has front shoes, it is time to get serious about hitting the trails. And, this is one Dinosaur that loves to roam!

Getting to the trails from the barn, however, makes the Extreme Cowboy Challenge look like a cakewalk.


  1. Start with a creek
  2. Add a slippery cement bottom to this creek
  3. Did I mention the water is pitch black so the horses can’t see the bottom or judge its depth?
  4. Toss in a major 4 lane overpass above the creek with an average speed of 45mph
  5. The overpass is located at the bottom of the hill right where the big trucks like to hit their air brakes
  6. Oh, and this is a major route for fire and ambulance crews. Random sirens are always a posibility.

All of the above make this crossing a dark, scary, horse eating chamber of doom, complete with sounds echoing off the concrete strucure. If you get past this, your horse is a saint. You will also be treated to a lovely back country type trail ride right in the middle of suburbia.

Dino is actually pretty good with going under the bridge and through the creek. He isn’t ready to do it on his own yet though. The rest of the trail went really well considering Dino is still only 3. Dino encountered:

  • Mountain bikers
  • Joggers
  • Lots of dogs
  • Polaris 4 wheeler driving on the adjacent trail
  • Stroller and kids
  • Deer (well at least I saw the deer)

Dino’s favorite part, however, was the ranch creek crossing. This is a REAL creek-nothing like the cement one we cross to get out to the trails. Dino LOVED it! He was pawing at the rocks and sticking his nose in the water. I had a hard time getting him out of the water!  He was like a kid playing in the creek for the first time. It was super cute.

Dino is one of those horses that seems to just love trails. Sure he is nervous about “stuff,” but he walks out with such enthusiasm. He doesn’t slow down until we turn for home. He wants to keep going and seems genuinely bummed when we have to go back.

It’s a good thing we have excellent trails at the barn. I see a lot of roaming in this dinosaur’s future!

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  1. That’s the one thing I miss about boarding there, the trails are awesome. Did a lot of roads & tracks back in the day to condition for eventing. Enjoy!

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