A Prehistoric Birthday…

Guess who is turning 4 years old? I can’t believe how much Dino has grown and changed over the last 2 years. I still picture him the day I bought him – a gawky 2 year old that hadn’t yet grown into his legs.

I put together a slide show of Dino over the last 2 years. It’s in chronological order,  so you can see how much he has changed, follow his basic training and even take one last look at his long mane before I hacked it off.  Pictures start the day I bought him, and go up until recently. Unfortunately since I am the one that takes all of the pix, I have no recent pix of ME on my Dinosaur (other than hacking on trail), but great pix of Kelsey on Dino. Oh well, Karsten did snap a few grainy ones recently while I was goofing around. They aren’t great but will have to do.

So here it is…Me & My Dinosaur. Check out the sound track….who knew there was a whole world of Dinosaur songs???

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