2016 Ends in the Red

Dino won PVRA Reserve Champion Dressage Horse of the Year for his first year out showing. Not bad considering we didn’t even compete at all the shows. Although Dino still has a TON of training left (we are only at first level), he pulled acceptable scores (between 68 and 74). He won every class he went in except 2 where he placed second. My baby dinosaur is growing up!

I’m not sure what 2017 will entail….probably more low key small shows. I plan on keeping him at the small shows until we are at third level, and I have won the lottery so I can pay for it all (time to buy tickets!). Who knows? Maybe this year will be Dino’s year to try a hunter/jumper show with Kelsey…..or maybe she will take him to a  xcountry event…. (or, gasp, maybe I will. It’s been a looong time since I have shown jumpers!). It’s all for fun anyway. I don’t take this stuff too seriously. In the end, Dino is just one big, expensive, goofy pet.


PS. I know I have been pretty lazy about blogging. Hopefully there will be more to write about in 2017!





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