Finally Dino Learns Something Really Useful…

I spend a lot of time training Dino to do dressage, but let’s face it…..dressage moves are only so useful. Honestly, when was the last time you really needed to bust out a passage???? So that’s why I like to train Dino to do something really useful every now and then. Well, that plus the fact that I am kind of lazy sometimes ….

So check out Dino’s new moves. That’s right, he can now hoof it over to the cooler, open it up, grab me a treat, and walk over and hand (or mouth) deliver it. That is something that can really come in handy. Now I can sit back and enjoy ice cold snacks any time. I think that is waaay more useful than passage!

Here is Dino Doing it Right….


Here is My Video Fail

While trying to get this trick on video,  I asked Dino  2x to get me some cookies from the cooler. Notice how he shakes his head “No” both times before deciding to get them. This horse is just too smart!

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